Monday, 25 September 2017

Best Smartphones 2018 - Future of Smartphones is here

Bored from your old phones? Need new ones to fulfill your lust of smartphones? Gear up cause you’ll fall in love with some upcoming top notch phones here’s a list of some high quality phones which we really want at any cost so grab your wallets and get pumped up cause you couldn’t resist at all, because these all dropped in the list of best upcoming mobile in 2018.

Samsung GalaxyNote 8

best smart phones 2018

Lovers of big and professional phones get ready to hyped up cause they surely would fall in love with big 5.7 inches display covered with gorilla glass 5, not just the product is professional and secured it also has come up with huge space of 64Gb and 128Gb so you don’t need of memory slots at all and nowadays speed is a must so Samsung follows his customers need that’s why this machine had 6Gb of Ram installed for smooth running. It also had dual sim slots and last but not the least the 13mp rear and 8mp front camera for selfies. Its surely is a great professional thing cause it has the latest Android 7.1 in it and as always Samsung produces some great top notch phones and it is also one of the best smartphone and it is also in the list of best Samsung smartphones of 2018.

IPhone X

best smart phones 2018

When it comes to class and performance, Apple is top priority of customers. Apple introduced their new high-Fi Smartphone called IPhone X and it’s beyond AWESOME. With incredible features like Face ID, OLD Screen, Animoji and Augmented reality no doubt it’s one of the best smartphones in the world now. It works on A11 Bionic processor and its super-fast. It basically has three models one OLED display and two are standard phones and this time the phone has wireless charging it should easily make its way in the best apple 2018 phones. So the iPhone users will surely love this new top notch machine.

IPhone 8 Plus

best smart phones 2018
Everyone is fond of Apple’s product cause customers couldn’t find anything like this phone it has speed, beauty and it's more than secured from all other phones. In iPhone 7 they removed the audio jack just like that Apple did something like that too now the iPhone 8 has no home button but they came up with OLED display having 5.8 inches flexible display i.e. stronger than ever before that’s is why this brand count in the list of best smartphones. It works on A11 processor and its super-fast. It basically has three models one OLED display and two are standard phones and this time the phone has wireless charging it should easily make its way in the best apple 2018 phones. IPhone 8 is going to change your perception of smartphone experience for sure.

 Nokia 9

best smart phones 2018

The legend is back again to recon other phones. After a long period, it comes back with some top-notch phones one of them is Nokia 9. It has 5.30 inches of wide display secured the beauty behind gorilla glass. This beast has quad-core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 processor having 4 GB Ram and 64 GB Rom. People will love it because they can see clear and shiny pictures from its 22 Megapixel rear and 12 Megapixel front for selfie clicks. Let’s talk about the famous part of this brand the battery this time this top notch phone brand didn’t forget about its battery thing it has a 3800mah nonremovable battery for long use. We all know that Nokia is a bit down for a while but this device easily solves all the issues and make its name in Nokia’s production and easily called by the people the best Nokia’s smartphone of 2018 It works on latest Android 7.1 and this strong and beautiful machine will no doubt will be called one of the best phone of 2018 with very easily because Nokia has the potential to rule the smartphone market for more than a decade. It’s surely one of the best smartphones in 2018.

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One plus 6

One Plus specs

It’s not a freshman anymore and it’s also not far behind every other old brand this brand produces some top notch phones just like its old release of one plus 5. This device will surely make its place in the best smartphones of 2018 because it comes up with new and fast material which works on great Octa-core processor with 6 and 8 GB Rams installed in it. Just like Samsung and LG phones this phone is also water resistant. It also has big 5.5 inches display with gorilla glass attached to it. For now, a days camera use this brand attached 21Mp+20Mp dual lens for better clear pictures and a 16mp front for the front clearance. The battery is also great for long time use cause they used a great type of battery which is Lipro-400mA that really lasts long enough also works on latest  Android (Nougat). This is the finest production and the best smartphone of One plus brand till yet. It’s surely one of the best smartphones in 2018.


LG G6+

best smart phones 2018

This legit brand is not far behind anyone this brand shows its reliability and performance in its old models and now like old times, this comes up with more power and beauty. This next generation design is really comparable with the beauty of Samsung s8. This beautiful beast comes up with a curved shape with a huge size of 5.7 inches QHD display that surely make you fall in love with itself not only it is beautiful but fast too because this comes up with Quad-core 2.3GHz processor with fast 4GB of RAM and now talk about its internal space cause now a days every person has storage issue but this device has solved this issue by giving its users the space of 128Gb and 2Tb so this beast surely be seen in the list of best smartphones of 2018 for sure. Now let’s talk about its camera performance this time LG provides 13Mp and 13Mp dual rear camera and also 5Mp front wide-angle camera it also provides the new square camera mode in it. This device will easily rule the smartphones industry because of its features and reliability from every aspect and every user will proudly say that it’s the best LG’s smartphone of 2018. Because of its huge and beautiful size and all other, our required needs don’t hesitate to buy this top-notch legit beast. With all of these high fi specs It’s surely one of the best smartphones in 2018.

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